Aromatic Solvents

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Toluene 99%

Chemical name: toluene
CAS: 108-88-3

Xylene - technical grade

Chemical name: mixture of o,m,p-xylene and ethylbenzene
CAS: 1330-20-7

BTX fraction

Chemical name: Distillates (coal tar), benzole fraction, BTX-rich
CAS: 101896-26-8

Solvent naphtha

Chemical name: Aromatic hydrocarbons,  benzene distn.
CAS: 92062-36-7

Did you know that...

  • Toluene is used as a solvent in paints and varnishes.
  • Toluene is used during the production of other compounds; a typical example is in the production of the blasting agent, TNT (trinitrotoluene).
  • Xylene, as well as other aromatic solvents are used as solvents in various industrial fields.

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