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deza a zivotni prostrediDEZA, a. s. addresses any influence of chemical production on the environment. Substantial funds are directed into the area of production ecologization. Since 1993 Deza has invested more than CZK 3.0 billion into ecology. The objective of this investment is to minimize all emissions of harmful elements originated during the storage of raw materials and products during production. Emissions of harmful elements are reduced so that all technological equipment is gradually sealed (pressurized). The originated gases (usually the source of any smell) are regularly collected in local incineration plants where they are fully combusted. In accordance with the policy for the maximum protection of the environment and the health of employees, Deza is responsible for the well being of the greenery in the site, as well as in the surroundings.

The fulfilment of the principles of the environmental policy within the activities and competences is the responsibility of all departments in the company with the objective that the development of the enterprise permanently and irreversibly decreases all negative impacts of the company on the working and living environment.


During 2011 entire hermetisation of production process and storage tanks for the production of naphthalene was completed, including all equipment for handling liquid naphthalene. The benefit of this investment is in addition to further reducing the occasional odor, especially a significant reduction in emissions of naphthalene.

Given that this is a time consuming and costly tasks, the fulfillment of our environmental program is spread over a longer time period.

In the last 10 years more than CZK 1.0 billion has been spent on the ecological investment, which posed 27% of all investments.

DEZA, a. s., as a producer of chemical substances fulfils its obligations resulting from REACH legislation. Detailed information concerning the whole legislation, time stages for implementation and new obligations of producers of chemicals can be found on the following pages:

Detailed information about REACH legislation in relation to DEZA, a. s. can be requested at

By 30 November 2010 DEZA, a. s. registered 44 chemical substances at the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki. Physical-chemical and eco-toxicological information on individual substances were submitted as part of the registration documentation. The process of the fulfilment of REACH registration did not terminate for DEZA, a. s. In the next period there will be a second wave of registration and permission will be requested for some substances.

Did you know that...

  • Deza, a. s. a chemical enterprise, has the legal obligation to regulate its production so as to minimize any impact on the environment?
  • the operation of chemical production is possible only with a valid integrated permit?
  • compliance with the integrated permit is regularly supervised by state bodies?

Did you know that...

  • in 2010 Deza spent 40 million CZK on implementing REACH legislation?
  • REACH legislation concerns previously implemented products and all responsibility is transferred to the producer?
  • the implementation of REACH legislation in the whole of Europe will result in verification of all chemical properties?
  • REACH is considering restricting the production and use of hazardous substances with an adequate replacement that will restrict the impact on the environment and the health of inhabitants?

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