Phenols, cresols, tar acids

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Phenol 99%

Chemical name: phenol
CAS: 108-95-2

o-Cresol 99%

Chemical name: o-cresol
CAS: 95-48-7

m,p-Cresol - mixture

Chemical name: Tar acids, methylphenol fraction
CAS: 84989-04-8

Xylenol blend

Chemical name: Tar acids, xylenol fraction
CAS: 84989-06-0

3,5-Xylenol fraction

Chemical name: Tar acids, 3,5-xylenol fraction
CAS: 84989-07-1

3,5-Xylenol 99%

Chemical name: 3,5-xylenol
CAS: 108-68-9

Did you know that...

  • The raw material for production of phenol and homologues is carbolic oil originated during the distillation of tar.
  • Phenolic products are used in the production of medicaments, herbicides and synthetic resin.
  • Phenol is also used in the production of cosmetics, tanning products, hair dyes and leather bleaching products.

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