Deza processes crude benzole and hight temperature coal tar, from which is produced a range of basic aromatic compounds for further chemical processing. Some isolated substances such as naphthalene and anthracene are further chemically modified, and thereby gain a wide variety of products.
All of our manufactured and marketed chemicals are thematically divided into the following sales groups. In case you are interested, please contact relevant seller which will give you more business and technical information.

All produced and sold substances are fully in accordance with the legislative requirements of REACH.


DEZA company is a well known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of

  • coal tar pitch,
  • naphthalene (technical and refined),
  • benzene, toluene, xylene,
  • carbazole,
  • anthraquinone, 
  • acenaphthene,
  • pyrene,
  • tetraline,
  • phthalic anhydride,
  • plasticizers and esters based on phthalic anhydride,
  • phenolo-cresol and 3,5-xylenol

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