The integrated management system policy

DEZA, a.s. is a producer of aromatic hydrocarbons and other chemical substances with a long tradition in the field of processing coal tar and raw benzole. The fundamental prerequisite for the company’s success involves the continuous raising of the quality of its products and associated services, while at the same time providing its employees and the region with maximum protection against the effects of its chemical operations and associated activities. Comprehensive and systematic care is devoted to this responsible approach.

As part of its production management, environmental protection and occupational health and safety strategies, the management of DEZA, a.s. undertakes: 

  • to adhere to the appropriate requirements of the legal regulations and any other requirements which apply to the company or which it has undertaken to adhere to in the areas of quality, environmental care, workplace safety and accident prevention.
  • to produce and supply products at a quality and at times which meet the needs, requirements and expectations of the customers, while securing a comprehensive service.
  • to implement new progressive technologies, to apply many years of production experience to the quality of the products and services, to expand the product range, to improve the efficiency of the quality management, environmental protection and work safety processes and to provide all the resources necessary to achieve the set objectives.
  • to focus on the prevention of any risks which endanger the quality of the products and the provided services and to ensure prevention in the area of work safety and serious accidents, pollution levels or any other negative impacts on the environment.
  • to raise the awareness, qualifications and motivation of the employees leading to the correct and safe management of the processes and to an appreciation of their personal responsibility in the areas of quality, the environment, safety and work hygiene.
  • to openly and permanently communicate with any involved parties at all levels of the organisation and to provide all essential information for the purpose of establishing any mutual obligations, documenting their fulfilment and acquiring feedback for improving the efficiency of the management system.
  • to improve the management systems with an emphasis on the quality of the products and their compliance with the customers’ requirements, on the personal development of the staff and their occupational health and safety and on the best available technology to ensure a higher level of environmental protection.

The basic precondition for achieving the objectives of the integrated policy is the compliance with a high level of work quality at all levels and during all the activities which influence the quality of the products, the environment and workplace safety. The responsibility for complying with these conditions applies to every employee at DEZA, a.s. to the extent of the position which they hold. The obligations from the integrated policy constitute a starting point for the management when establishing any specific, temporally limited and periodically inspected targets and target values.

The integrated management system policy is accessible to the public and is provided to all those individuals who work for the company or have been commissioned by it and to all other involved parties. The company management is responsible for the implementation, comprehension and compliance with this policy. 

The integrated management system policy DEZA, a.s.

Did you know that...

  • Deza received its first quality certificate ISO 9001 in 1996.
  • All products are transported in accordance with the international road transport agreement and the ADR/RID order for international railway transport of hazardous items.
  • Deza received its first certificate ISO 14001 in 2012. 
  • Deza has operating laboratories that permanently monitor the quality of produced products.
  • All processes are controlled by modern control systems that ensure the long-term stability of the product quality in accordance with client requirements.

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