Quality assurance policy

 DEZA, a. s. within its strategy of production and product quality control follows the under mentioned principles of the quality policy of DEZA, a. s. and in the forthcoming period will:

  • Produce and deliver for existing clients, products to a quality fully corresponding to the requirements stated in purchase contracts while ensuring full sales service.
  • Execute all available measures to efficiently prevent the arrisal of client claims or complaints and fulfill all justified expectations, constantly monitor and evaluate client satisfaction.
  • Implement new progressive technologies and expand the assortment of products and ensure the ability of the company to fulfill and be aware of client requirements.
  • Win new clients and keep existing clients by providing comprehensive services fully ensuring client requirements, ensure for potential clients knowledge of the level of quality and options for using products.
  • Use the company’s long-term production experience to ensure product quality.
  • During quality control apply the process approach, constantly improve and increase efficiency.
  • Develop the qualifications, knowledge and skills of employees with the emphasis on the education of new experts, inspire employees to develop individual quality elements and constantly improve the quality management system.

The basic condition for achieving the quality policy objectives is to uphold the quality of work at all levels and during all activities influencing product quality. The employees of DEZA, a. s are responsible for the fulfillment of this condition within the scope of their occupation and within their work duties.

The quality policy is binding for all employees of DEZA, a. s. The senior management of the company provides effective assistance, information assurance and training for employees whenever required in order to successfully ensure the fulfillment of the quality policy.



Did you know that...

  • Deza received its first quality certificate ISO 9001 in 1996.
  • All products are transported in accordance with the international road transport agreement and the ADR/RID order for international railway transport of hazardous items.
  • Deza received its first certificate ISO 14001 in 2012. 
  • Deza has operating laboratories that permanently monitor the quality of produced products.
  • All processes are controlled by modern control systems that ensure the long-term stability of the product quality in accordance with client requirements.

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