Management styles

Our company applies integrated policy which is based on the strategy of quality production management, safety and health protection at work, environmental protection in the company and its vicinity.

Safe and responsible conduct

We realize our responsibility for safe chemical production and therefore are fully engaged in improving the system of accident prevention, protecting the life and health of people and wildlife, the environment, property in the plant and the vicinity. Together with the Authority of Zlin region we keep the residents of Otrokovice and Valašské Meziříčí and its surroundings informed of any new developments.


We care about our environment and are keenly aware of any potential impact chemical products may have on our ecosystem. To demonstrate our commitment to maintaining clean environment we continually make investments in green technologies in our manufacturing plants.  

Our objective is to reduce all emissions of potentially harmful elements originating from the production,  storage of raw materials, and final products.

Harmful emissions are reduced by installing improved seals on all production equipment. The elementary gases that are primarily the source of undesirable odors are regularly collected and thoroughly incinerated in local thermal treatment plants. In compliance with the policy for the maximum protection of the environment  and for the health of our employees we take great care of the native flora both on site and in the immediate vicinity of the plant.

In compliance with the European legislation of REACH we consider and evaluate the toxicological properties of our products and their impact on our ecosystem. The effects on the environment resulting from our economic activities  are annually reported in the Report on State and Development of the Environment.

Responsible Care 

In cooperation with the Association of the Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic, we were among the first to participate in the Responsible Care initiative, a voluntary globally accepted initiative of the chemical industry, aimed at supporting its sustainable development by increasing the safety of operating facilities. The goal of this activity is the continuous improvement of health and safety protection of employees and residents, comprehensive environmental protection, emergency preparedness and information openness in connection with the production, distribution and use of chemical substances.

We first received Responsible Care "Responsible Chemistry Business" certification in 1996 and have been regularly defending the program since then.

As part of the enforcement and fulfillment of the Responsible Care conditions, we annually process the Responsible Care Report with an overview of the basic indicators monitored by this program. Environmental performance is evaluated in the annual Environmental Status and Development Report.

For each program evaluation cycle, we process a Self-evaluation, which is subject to evaluation by independent monitors appointed by the Czech Chemical Industry Association.