Code of Ethics

Corporate compliance represents the basic pillar of modern business. It is a systematic approach, the main purpose of which is to ensure that the company complies with all relevant laws, regulations and ethical standards that affect its operations. This comprehensive framework includes a number of internal procedures, policies and controls designed to minimize the risks associated with non-compliance and help maintain the integrity of the company.

The DEZA compliance program is based on the common concept of the AGROFERT concern, which entails the unification of regulations and processes across the entire concern. DEZA's corporate compliance is governed by the SP I 21 "Compliance Program" directive, to which the Code of Ethics is attached.

The code of ethics binds all employees and external workers on the premises of DEZA and sets the basic rules of behavior of employees among themselves, towards the company, customers, public administration bodies and towards third parties. The Code of Ethics cannot cover all possible situations that may arise, nor the specifics of the application of various laws and regulations. The aim of the document is to define minimum requirements for ethical behavior and principles of corporate culture, which are binding for every DEZA employee and provide a basic guide for decision-making in individual situations.

To submit an initiative under the Compliance Program:

Initiatives submitted via the Ethics Line or to the company's Compliance Officer are governed by the rules of the Compliance program of the AGROFERT concern; they are not notifications under Act 171/2023 Coll. on whistleblower protection, as amended. If you want to file a notification under this law, use the procedure listed on the company's website. Click here.