We care about our environment and are keenly aware of any potential impact chemical products may have on our ecosystem. To demonstrate our commitment to maintaining clean environment we continually make investments in green technologies in our manufacturing plants.  Our objective is to reduce all emissions of potentially harmful elements originating from the production,  storage of raw materials, and final products.

Harmful emissions are reduced by installing improved seals on all production equipment. The elementary gases that are primarily the source of undesirable odors are regularly collected and thoroughly incinerated in local thermal treatment plants. In compliance with the policy for the maximum protection of the environment  and for the health of our employees we take great care of the native flora both on site and in the immediate vicinity of the plant. In compliance with the European legislation of REACH we consider and evaluate the toxicological properties of our products and their impact on our ecosystem. The effects on the environment resulting from our economic activities  are annually reported in the Report on State and Development of the Environment.



As part of the sustainability process for 2030, we have developed a decarbonization vision for our company. Our ultimate goal is to be fully compliant with the European Green Deal commitment to make the EU carbon-neutral by 2050.  To this date DEZA a.s. has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 38.8% since 1990.


Our employees and our values form the foundation of our company. Because of those key elements we are constantly evolving and participating in the betterment of our environment.



The relationship between our employees and the company management is based on mutual respect and openness. Our employees are the backbone of the entire company, the inspiration and driving force towards a sustainable future. Their health and workplace safety are our priority. Our employees also enjoy a wide range of benefits. We support them and encourage them to voice their questions and concerns. Their personal development is important to us; thus working in DEZA also means improving their knowledge and skills.



We are a socially responsible company. Environmental protection is our priority and an integral part of our corporate culture. We are aware of our responsibility, so every improvement process begins with us.  For this reason, we pay attention to environmental protection and strive to be a leading example in our field. We are committed to reducing emissions, optimizing energy consumption, and minimizing our carbon footprint. We believe that only a responsible approach and appropriately applied measures can protect our planet for future generations.


Society and our values

We pay attention to the world around us, to our fellow citizens; we are a part of the social fabric and are always willing to help Wallachia to be a better place to live. Every year, we contribute millions of crowns to the charitable and educational projects across the region. We support the disabled and economically less fortunate fellow citizens. We are also happy to support children and youth in cultural and sports activities. We are proud of many of our colleagues who dedicate their free time to non-profit companies.