Phenols, cresols, tar acids

Oil (along with other substances) with a high phenolic content is produced by distillation of tar oils.  By extracting acidic phenols and subsequent distillation of this oil, pure phenol and mixtures of phenols, cresols and xylenols are produced. Phenol is the basic raw material of bisphenol A, the condensation of which with other substances produces polycarbonates and epoxy resins. Phenol, cresols and xylenols are the basic ingredients for phenolic resins.


Phenol 99%

Chemical name: phenol
CAS: 108-95-2

o-Cresol 99%

Chemical name: o-cresol
CAS: 95-48-7

m,p-Cresol - mixture

Chemical name: Tar acids, methylphenol fraction
CAS: 84989-04-8

Xylenol blend

Chemical name: Tar acids, xylenol fraction
CAS: 84989-06-0

3.5-Xylenol fraction

Chemical name: Tar acids, 3.5-xylenol fraction
CAS: 84989-07-1

3.5-Xylenol 99%

Chemical name: 3.5-xylenol
CAS: 108-68-9