Our Energetics department ensures our own independent production and supply of heat, electricity, inert and compressed air for both all internal operations and external customers.We have all necessary licenses for these activities.

We operate a local distribution network in compliance with  Rules for Operation of Local Distribution Networks (hereinafter referred to as PPLDS ), approved by Energy Regulatory Office on 27 November 2013.


Heat production and distribution

Production of heat is secured by the boilers in the heating plant and incinerator. Minor sources of heat production are incinerator of industrial waste, phthalic anhydride production, and liquid fuel combustion source. The heat in the plant is distributed by steam distribution lines with three pressure levels and hot water distribution piping.

Approximately 85 % of the produced heat is consumed in operation on the site of DEZA, a. s., approx. 15 % of heat is supplied into external steam distribution lines. The largest external consumers are CZT Valašské Meziříčí, Krásno meat processing, the town laundry and drycleaning shop, Valašské Meziříčí Dairy.



Electric power is generated on site and supplied from distribution network of ČEZ Distribuce, a. s..

Energetics unit currently operates its own source of electricity in the heating plant with two back-pressure steam turbogenerators with an installed electric output: TG 4 – 10.8 MW and TG 3 - 4.133 MW and two torque reduction with an installed electric output: Level 1: TR 1 – 0.970 MW and Level 2: TR 2 – 0.630 MW.

Electricity is self produced on the turbogenerators TG 4 and TG 3, torque reduction TR 1 a TR 2 and depends on the off-take of steam. Produced electricity is mainly supplied into our plant.Only in winter any excess of electricity is supplied to the ČEZ Distribuce distribution network. The electricity is also supplied to CS Cabot and several other minor consumers.