Aromatic specialties

Oil with a high concentration of anthracene and carbazole is produced by distillation of tar oils, among other substances.  Pure anthracene and carbazole substances are produced by subsequent crystallization in combination with highly effective vacuum distillation. Pure carbazole is used to make pigments and pharmaceuticals. In addition to pharmaceuticals, dyes, and insecticides, pure anthracene is used to make anthraquinone. In addition, anthracene is a UV-sensitive substance and thus has a number of special uses. Anthraquinone is produced from anthracene in the Organik plant in Otrokovice. The production of anthraquinone takes place on a special catalyst, which we can make ourselves for this purpose.  Anthraquinone is most commonly used as an additive in paper production.



Chemical name: anthracene
CAS: 120-12-7


Chemical name: carbazole
CAS: 86-74-8


Chemical name: anthraquinone
CAS: 84-65-1


Chemical name: acenaphthene
CAS: 83-32-9


Chemical name: 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene
CAS: 119-64-2


Chemical name: pyrene
CAS: 129-00-0